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Food trucks for rent near you: Experiential Food Truck Rental

Let’s take three things as givens about food trucks. They’re still wildly popular with consumers; many prospective truck operators don’t have the money or credit rating they need to get into the game; and some food truck owners are looking for ways to derive more income from their truck than they currently do. No wonder website, seems like it could catch on.

The site, self-described as a platform to connect truck owners with truck renters, is nothing fancy. It works this way. First, truck owners post a profile of the fully equipped and permitted truck they have for rent; then interested truck renters search profiles by zip code or description. From there, it’s up to the owner and potential renter to hammer out the details.

The service is free to potential renters. makes money by charging truck owners to post their vehicle’s information on the site. It’s not much: $9.95 per month or $99 per year, cancelable at any time.

This could be an idea whose time has come.  Food trucks are already acknowledged as the most affordable way to break into the restaurant business. We’re sure plenty of people who have been dreaming the food truck dream will be frequent visitors to the site.

On Fox's

On Fox’s “MasterChef,” host Gordon Ramsay drove one of three rented food trucks on-air. (Photo: Fox).

There might also be an untapped market to be found among short-term renters who need access to a food truck for a just a few special events each year. Anyone who’s been the volunteer food coordinator for a youth soccer tournament, charity 5k run, local art festival or similar one-shot outdoor event will be eager to explore the food truck rental opportunities listed on this site.

Owners of brick and mortar restaurants are potential renters, too. Some current operators might rent a truck from time to time to cherry-pick lucrative events. Others could experiment with whether having a food truck is a good way to boost revenue and extend their restaurant’s brand before going all in by purchasing one. A few might consider renting a truck to test-market a new restaurant idea, using it as an inexpensive method to establish proof of concept.

Why would current food truck owners rent out their valuable truck to strangers? The site answers that question this way: “To make money. This is business. Truck rentals range from $100/day to $1000/day. So, if you rent your truck out for just one day all year, you can cover your minimal listing cost here and make money. If you rent for longer, it’s a no-brainer.”

The actual mechanics of the rental are handled between the parties involved. For $199, can provide a sample rental agreement and checklist that will guide renters and owners through the process.

Plenty of food trucks have been rented to date, both short- and long-term. High-profile renters have included ESPN (to promote World Cup soccer viewing); the Food Network (all eight trucks used on the “Great Food Truck Race” show were rentals); Microsoft (it rented four trucks to publicize its Windows-based mobile phones); Frito Lay (to promote Doritos); and Fox television (three trucks rented for an episode of “MasterChef,” one of them “driven on-air by Gordon Ramsay” for what that’s worth).

We don’t know if will work as advertised. But we’re hoping it does, because we can see how it could open doors to new business opportunities for entrepreneurial-minded restaurant operators and for those who aspire to become one.


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Brands turn to food truck promotions and marketing to build trust and relationships with consumers “Food Truck Custom marketing”

With many food truck rental companies on the internet, how do you find the best one for you promotion? You need the best in the industry Food Truck Custom Marketing. With the help from our promotional mobile vehicle rental experts, we will make it easier to than before to utilize promotional mobile vehicles for your next promotions’ marketing campaign.

Los Angeles CA, December, 31,2014 and January 01, 2015

Food Truck Custom Marketing.  Just ended a two-day tailgate party at the Pasadena Rose Bowl, We handed out turkey legs to promote the ABC show Galavants, ABC turned to a the only food truck marketing company in the USA, the food truck marketing experts, Food Truck Custom Marketing.

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This street promotions and marketing tactic, attracts an audience of all ages to the…

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Experiential Marketing Trends 2014


Experiential marketing is about connecting consumers with brands through live face to face experiences, creating personal and relevant memories.  With consumers bombarded by traditional advertising and becoming more likely to listen to ‘non-stop music’ radio stations, watch ‘on demand’ TV and flick past print adverts, 2013 proved to be a blossoming year for experiential marketing.

For what used to be an afterthought, experiential marketing is swiftly becoming a key tactic in many advertising campaigns.  Budget’s increased by 7.6% in 2013 vs. economic growth of 1.6%, and it’s predicted to skyrocket even further in 2014.

To help you see the big picture, we’ve put together what to expect in 2014:

Trend #1: Big Data vs. Real Data

Experiential marketing is about real conversations and meaningful impressions you can count. On the surface, it looks like experiential produces smaller numbers, but experiential is about quality over quantity, and they’re authentic numbers.

Half a million people could read a newspaper, but does that mean half a million people read the advert inside? No. Traditional has a larger potential reach but experiential gives a realistic impression count based on direct engagements.

With that said, in 2014, these smaller numbers won’t cut it and there’ll likely be an emphasis on increasing them.

Can we achieve this by quickening quality engagements from 60 seconds to 30 seconds? Perhaps. Expectations in the experiential realm are rising and it’s our job as experiential marketers to face this challenge in the upcoming year.

Trend #2: Gen Y Will Continue to Demand Experiential

It’s estimated that Gen Y’s consumer spending will top over 100-billion dollars next year, and as a result, they are a huge target for brands. But they’re finicky. They’ve seen it all, they live in the moment and they’re far more impulsive than any other age group.

But this is good news for the experiential industry. A new stat says 78% of millennials are more inclined to become part of a brand if they have that face-to-face interaction.

This is where a greater emphasis on experiential as a primary (and necessary) marketing tactic comes into play. Gen Y demands it.

Trend #3: Increased Experiential Integration

In 2014 we will see more experiential and PR companies collaborating to create awareness—especially with the evolution of technology and social media. Experiential companies will longer be invited to the party, they are organizing the party.  The Magnum pop-up shop integrated these two strategies superbly in Bloor-Yorkville this summer.

Trend #4: Experiential Will Become a New Form of Market Research

Judging from our own experiences and the way the industry is progressing, we believe experiential marketing will become a new form of market research in 2014.

With the consumer right in front of your brand ambassadors, it’s easy to gather more information in the midst of engagement.  It’s live.  It’s quick. And it goes a long way towards further understanding consumer behavior.

For example, we worked with a company in October distributing promotional materials and talking about their services. Not only did we create meaningful relationships with their target market, but we also conducted a quick survey collating customer impressions of the brand.  Because of the one-on-one interaction, people were more than willing to answer.  It felt normal and natural, and it was easy to get honest information and feedback about both the brand and its programs.

One of the strongest reasons why we think this will be a key trend for 2014 is because leveraging brand ambassadors to collect data in the midst of an existing experiential campaign is a valuable add, and incredibly affordable in comparison to traditional research methods.

Experiential creates so many different opportunities for live market research and we expect to see this grow to a higher level next year.

Trend #5 Evolving Experiential Technology

At the beginning of 2012, we thought using brand ambassadors using iPads was a big deal. By 2013 it was routine.

We still love our iPads (of course!) but we’ve embraced other technological resources, like the use of green screens for fun photo shoots and videos, and social technology for campaign integration.

The increase in marketing function integration will rely on using the right technology. And as new technology evolves, exciting and innovative experiential opportunities will follow suit

Trend #6 Experiential Marketing Will Consolidate Its Identity

Moving into the New Year, it’s important to note that experiential will continue to grow into its own identity.  Forget all the trend words—Buzz marketing, engagement marketing, impact marketing—experiential marketing is the terminology marketing will adopt in 2014.

But this kind of consolidation only happens when experiential itself finally becomes recognized as the most effective and affordable tactic on a person-to-person level out there and this recognition is reflected in experiential’s share of marketing dollar allocation.

We already saw gains in 2013 with larger brands acknowledging that experiential stretches their marketing dollar and gets tangible (and relevant) results.

Original Post by Calum McGuigan

For more information:

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What is Experiential Food Truck Marketing?

Experiential Food truck Marketing typically refers to an interactive way whereby consumers can interact with brands in a manner that creates a personalized and memorable experience. Also referred to as “engagement marketing”, “ food sampling”event marketing”, or “participation marketing”, Experiential Food Truck Marketing often relies on a live event whereby the host can engage directly with its consumers – drawing on multiple senses and emotions to dramatically stimulate a memorable life experience with their customer base.



As a communication philosophy, experiential food truck marketing aims to move beyond traditional “feature and benefit” marketing, that has past focused on mass communication techniques that often go to a wide audience that may not be universally relevant to receive the message. Experiential Food Truck Marketing presents an experience that your customers can choose to attend and participate in, ultimately engaging them in a dialogue and two-way cooperative interaction that heightens the quality and reception level of brand exposure.


Experiential Food truck Marketing means generating personal experiences that help people better connect to a brand, allowing them to make meaningful and informed purchasing decisions. It’s the difference between telling people about the unique features of a product or service, and letting them experience the benefits first hand.

While Experiential Food truck Marketing can create lasting associations with your brand and product offerings, it also opens up new consumer data for market research that was not always previously accessible. Through interactive events, you get to experience firsthand how a consumer reacts to your brand and messaging, and how they interact with your product after making the equivalent of a purchasing decision. The foundation of experiential food truck marketing is connected meaning and relevance, and being able to immediately measure that brand experience to improve and expand upon future horizons.

How can your organization use Experiential Food truck Marketing to stimulate lasting memorable experiences with your consumer base?


For more information on Food Truck promotions and Marketing send an e-mail to:

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Case Study on Why Food-Trucks Are Great Marketing and Promotional Vehicles

No Travelers shall go hungry! Volaris is here!

Mexico’s Volaris Airlines was looking for a unique way to promote their

New destinations, in Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas to create buzz

And encourage Travelers, we dreamed up a large format,

ground‐level, mobile event: a Volaris Mobile Food Truck Tour.


For this execution, wrapped food trucks with eye‐catching graphics

Traveled throughout areas typically zoned out for OOH media. Our

Trucks made more than 350 stops over 3 months at malls, supermarkets and high Hispanic traffic locations.



Brand ambassadors entertained food truck foodies by providing information on Volaris airport locations and flight destinations. The food truck promotion additionally drove traffic to the Volaris Facebook page. Why Use Wrapped Food Trucks?                                                                            

MOBILITY – Routes and stops are customized, so you have the ability to reach multiple high-demand areas at the best

Possible times.

INTERACTIVITY – Free food catch the eye and Interest of the public, giving brand ambassadors an opportunity to discuss your product.

SAMPLES/LEAVE BEHINDS – Extend the reach of your

Campaign by giving consumers something to share.

EXCITEMENT – Innovative programs create significant buzz, which carries over to the social media world or for Volaris around a plate of tacos.


For information on food truck promotions, please contact:


Experiential Food Truck Rental


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Elektra Online Team to Advertises it’s Wire Transfer Service to Mexico on Food Trucks, Targeting Hispanics Throughout New York and Atlanta.

Los Angeles CA — 09/29/2013 — This year, Elektra-Online and Western Union cheered on its sponsored Soccer team with advertising, aimed at the male Latino population. The two-month campaign (August to September 2013) included (3) full wrapped food trucks, (3) in New York and (3) in Atlanta also included 30-inch by 60-inch advertising billboards placed on (60) food truck rear’s and serving-side, food trucks also made stops at retail locations like check cashing outlets throughout New York and Atlanta markets.



Elektra Food Truck Rear and Serving-side Advertising Billboards

Food truck advertising is the best way to reach the Hispanic working population, said Alex Flores Director of  Accounts, at Experiential Food Truck Rental. The largest food truck marketing and promotions company in the US and Canada.

In addition to Coca-ColaFarm Rich FoodsFrito-Lay and Chase Bank (among other notables) Food truck marketing and advertising reach right in-to the working population — on-site. Since their beginnings in 2005, Experiential Food Truck Rental. slowly but surely has executed and validated their medium of advertising and marketing on food trucks by focusing on securing long-term relationships with food truck operators and commissaries and securing national advertisers and their agencies. Promotional food trucks average 25 stops per day, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to over 1,900 people per day, and securing 881 general impressions a day,” says Mr. Flores. “We have an inventory of over 4,800 food truck billboards nationwide that provide ample inventory for everyone to use in their media arsenal. Advertisers from Verizon to Boost Mobile to Mission Foods have found their niche to reach deep into the Latino working population.”

Experiential Food Truck Rental has ad contracts with 3,500 food truck vehicles in the United States, with New York, California, Florida and Texas boasting the most advertising. Says Flores, “We can target anyone in the working class, regardless of race, but currently we are seeing most campaigns targeting Latino males and females, aged 18–45.” With 2012 annual sales of over 2, 000, 000, Experiential Food Truck Rental, client base boasts automotive, entertainment, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and food and beverage companies. Food truck billboards are printed on four-color, high-impact Flexcon vinyl. At eye level, these signs ranged from 30-inch by 60-inch for serving-side and tailgate billboards to 15-foot broadside. Flores even says, “We have fully wrapped Food trucks. I call it the ‘ULTIMATE WOW-FACTOR’ just like bus-size full wraps, getting branding exposure where billboards and other traditional outdoor mediums are normally prohibited by law.

Del Real FoodsKraft Foods and Fast-Fixin Foods seized the opportunity to give away free samples and coupons, either on “take-one” displays or distributed by truck operators. A suggested minimum campaign is three months, with full wraps on a month-to-month basis. Leafleting, available with or without signage, can be implemented immediately, whereas sampling and take-one campaigns, as well as just general signage, can be implemented within 15 days. From art creation to submission, a full-wrap food truck may take 10 days. Experiential Food Truck Rental executes campaigns National.

Sales Contact:


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Food Truck Marketing,Beyond Content

Beyond Content

Brands turn to food truck promotions and marketing to build trust and relationships with consumers.

With many food truck rental companies on the internet, how do you find the best one for you promotion? You need the best in the industry Experiential Food Truck Rental. With the help from our promotional mobile vehicle rental experts, we will make it easier to than before to utilize promotional mobile vehicles for your next promotions’ marketing campaign.


This street promotions and marketing tactic, attracts an audience of all ages to the promotional food trucks. Ever Since the rise in the food truck industry many companies; food, beverage and fast food have found that using promotional food trucks to launch their own promotions street campaigns is much easier and more successful than traditional marketing styles. Street marketing and the use of promotional food trucks allows businesses to attract and interact directly with its target audience.

Promotional food truck vehicle rentals have become a target for marketing and promotions agencies nationwide seeking a product sampling solution with custom designed food trucks by providing design options like custom vinyl wrapping and custom fabrication. These food truck rentals can range from a daily, monthly basis, and is ideal for companies who are looking to promote their brand or products at events, supermarkets. It is no wonder why Experiential Food Truck Rental,  Has fully customized food trucks, sampling trucks, ice cream trucks, concession trailers for clients ranging from individual entrepreneurs, local and national businesses, and Fortune 500 food and beverage Companies.

Experiential Food Truck Rental, While make custom designing, renting, or purchasing a food truck or ice cream truck easier than you think. With more than 8 years of hands on food truck experience. We are here to help you successfully execute your next product promotion or consumer interaction.

For more information on promotional food trucks:


Consumers are bombarded with advertisements every day, from commercials during their favorite TV shows to sponsored Facebook ads on their newsfeed.




Rather than getting lost in the shuffle, limited-service brands are looking to a new approach to marketing to increase their brand awareness and build trust with consumers: food truck promotions and marketing.

Food truck marketing goes beyond the traditional promotions, menu development shout-outs, and marketing campaigns and provides a brand’s customers with  product sampling and product information that they actually need and want.

“We are trying to build relationships with our customers over a long period of time, and in order to do that effectively, we need to be delivering remarkable, amazing, food truck marketing campaigns on a consistent basis,” says Alex Flores, with Food Truck Custom Marketing LLC.

“Instead of interrupting them with messaging about sales, coupons, and products, we want to keep that relationship going by giving them product samples that they care about and can use.” with food trucks and ice cream trucks you are reaching customers where they live, work play.

For more information on promotional food trucks:

Food Truck Promotions and Marketing