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Case Study on Why Food-Trucks Are Great Marketing and Promotional Vehicles

No Travelers shall go hungry! Volaris is here!

Mexico’s Volaris Airlines was looking for a unique way to promote their

New destinations, in Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas to create buzz

And encourage Travelers, we dreamed up a large format,

ground‐level, mobile event: a Volaris Mobile Food Truck Tour.


For this execution, wrapped food trucks with eye‐catching graphics

Traveled throughout areas typically zoned out for OOH media. Our

Trucks made more than 350 stops over 3 months at malls, supermarkets and high Hispanic traffic locations.



Brand ambassadors entertained food truck foodies by providing information on Volaris airport locations and flight destinations. The food truck promotion additionally drove traffic to the Volaris Facebook page. Why Use Wrapped Food Trucks?                                                                            

MOBILITY – Routes and stops are customized, so you have the ability to reach multiple high-demand areas at the best

Possible times.

INTERACTIVITY – Free food catch the eye and Interest of the public, giving brand ambassadors an opportunity to discuss your product.

SAMPLES/LEAVE BEHINDS – Extend the reach of your

Campaign by giving consumers something to share.

EXCITEMENT – Innovative programs create significant buzz, which carries over to the social media world or for Volaris around a plate of tacos.


For information on food truck promotions, please contact:


Experiential Food Truck Rental



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