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Elektra Online Team to Advertises it’s Wire Transfer Service to Mexico on Food Trucks, Targeting Hispanics Throughout New York and Atlanta.

Los Angeles CA — 09/29/2013 — This year, Elektra-Online and Western Union cheered on its sponsored Soccer team with advertising, aimed at the male Latino population. The two-month campaign (August to September 2013) included (3) full wrapped food trucks, (3) in New York and (3) in Atlanta also included 30-inch by 60-inch advertising billboards placed on (60) food truck rear’s and serving-side, food trucks also made stops at retail locations like check cashing outlets throughout New York and Atlanta markets.



Elektra Food Truck Rear and Serving-side Advertising Billboards

Food truck advertising is the best way to reach the Hispanic working population, said Alex Flores Director of  Accounts, at Experiential Food Truck Rental. The largest food truck marketing and promotions company in the US and Canada.

In addition to Coca-ColaFarm Rich FoodsFrito-Lay and Chase Bank (among other notables) Food truck marketing and advertising reach right in-to the working population — on-site. Since their beginnings in 2005, Experiential Food Truck Rental. slowly but surely has executed and validated their medium of advertising and marketing on food trucks by focusing on securing long-term relationships with food truck operators and commissaries and securing national advertisers and their agencies. Promotional food trucks average 25 stops per day, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to over 1,900 people per day, and securing 881 general impressions a day,” says Mr. Flores. “We have an inventory of over 4,800 food truck billboards nationwide that provide ample inventory for everyone to use in their media arsenal. Advertisers from Verizon to Boost Mobile to Mission Foods have found their niche to reach deep into the Latino working population.”

Experiential Food Truck Rental has ad contracts with 3,500 food truck vehicles in the United States, with New York, California, Florida and Texas boasting the most advertising. Says Flores, “We can target anyone in the working class, regardless of race, but currently we are seeing most campaigns targeting Latino males and females, aged 18–45.” With 2012 annual sales of over 2, 000, 000, Experiential Food Truck Rental, client base boasts automotive, entertainment, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and food and beverage companies. Food truck billboards are printed on four-color, high-impact Flexcon vinyl. At eye level, these signs ranged from 30-inch by 60-inch for serving-side and tailgate billboards to 15-foot broadside. Flores even says, “We have fully wrapped Food trucks. I call it the ‘ULTIMATE WOW-FACTOR’ just like bus-size full wraps, getting branding exposure where billboards and other traditional outdoor mediums are normally prohibited by law.

Del Real FoodsKraft Foods and Fast-Fixin Foods seized the opportunity to give away free samples and coupons, either on “take-one” displays or distributed by truck operators. A suggested minimum campaign is three months, with full wraps on a month-to-month basis. Leafleting, available with or without signage, can be implemented immediately, whereas sampling and take-one campaigns, as well as just general signage, can be implemented within 15 days. From art creation to submission, a full-wrap food truck may take 10 days. Experiential Food Truck Rental executes campaigns National.

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