Consumers are bombarded with advertisements every day, from commercials during their favorite TV shows to sponsored Facebook ads on their newsfeed.




Rather than getting lost in the shuffle, limited-service brands are looking to a new approach to marketing to increase their brand awareness and build trust with consumers: food truck promotions and marketing.

Food truck marketing goes beyond the traditional promotions, menu development shout-outs, and marketing campaigns and provides a brand’s customers with  product sampling and product information that they actually need and want.

“We are trying to build relationships with our customers over a long period of time, and in order to do that effectively, we need to be delivering remarkable, amazing, food truck marketing campaigns on a consistent basis,” says Alex Flores, with Food Truck Custom Marketing LLC.

“Instead of interrupting them with messaging about sales, coupons, and products, we want to keep that relationship going by giving them product samples that they care about and can use.” with food trucks and ice cream trucks you are reaching customers where they live, work play.

For more information on promotional food trucks: sales@foodtruckcustommarketing.com


Food Truck Promotions and Marketing


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